Articoli in lingua inglese

Febbraio 24, 2024


This year our school had the opportunity to go on a language study trip to Ireland. Aside from the exciting language course, students had the possibility […]
Febbraio 24, 2024

“In Dublin’s Fair City…”

An experience that has enriched our cultural and linguistic heritage. During the third week of January some students of the Liceo Scientifico “Leonardo da Vinci” of […]
Gennaio 8, 2024

FAKE 3D LIFE 3D modeling is a technique used to reproduce objects or projects in a digital way. It is used in industries by engineers to […]
Gennaio 8, 2024

Ancient Romans should be grateful to molluscs

Ancient Romans should be grateful to molluscs            The ancient Romans are often associated with a brilliant red color that ornaments their vests, but how were they […]
Febbraio 7, 2023

Sneakers: The New Watches?

Sneakers: The New Watches?Nowadays, sneakers are increasingly used in the fashion world: from the more frequent presence in fashion shows to everyday outfits. The word sneaker comes from the verb to sneak: moving silently.  Since the early 2000s, sneakers have become a collector’s item for new generation fetishists: sneaker heads. To lead this fashion is definitely the brand Nike, which introduced the model of […]