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Febbraio 7, 2023

Sneakers: The New Watches?

Sneakers: The New Watches?Nowadays, sneakers are increasingly used in the fashion world: from the more frequent presence in fashion shows to everyday outfits. The word sneaker comes from the verb to sneak: moving silently.  Since the early 2000s, sneakers have become a collector’s item for new generation fetishists: sneaker heads. To lead this fashion is definitely the brand Nike, which introduced the model of […]
Marzo 10, 2022

The “picciotto” Shakespeare

According to the traditional historiography, Shakespeare was born in 1564, on April the 23rd, and after simple studies, he would have become the most important writer […]
Dicembre 11, 2021

A quarantine between work and spa

                          Imagine you are in quarantine, but you are not home and your family is not with you there. You are completely alone, in front of a […]
Novembre 27, 2021


After two years we are still talking about coronavirus as a very dangerous virus living among us. Covid has completely changed our life for a long […]