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Gennaio 31, 2023
Marzo 1, 2023

Sneakers: The New Watches?
Nowadays, sneakers are increasingly used in the fashion world: from the more frequent presence in fashion shows to everyday outfits. The word sneaker comes from the verb to sneak: moving silently. 

Since the early 2000s, sneakers have become a collector’s item for new generation fetishists: sneaker heads. To lead this fashion is definitely the brand Nike, which introduced the model of the Air Jordan, which, as the name suggests, was made in collaboration with Michael Jordan. Designed in 1985 by Peter Moore, the design of these sneakers is well known and does not need detailed descriptions. It is a basketball shoe made of leather and equipped with Air technology for responsive cushioning. Over the years Nike has not stopped makingcollaborations and, in the last decade, it is collaborating with other high-profilecharacters, such as Travis Scott, the American designer: Virgil Abloh, founder of the off-white brand or even Louis Vuitton.

Currently sneakers have become real objects of investment, as were the watches fifty years ago. In conclusion, sneakers are “sneaking” in our age marking the time just like watches.

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